Seven Photos To Inspire You When You Need a Spirit Boost

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Seven Photos To Inspire You When You Need a Spirit Boost

If you’re having one of those days when you need a little boost of inspiration, you’re in the right place!  Enjoy seven photos from my collection with a bit of inspiration attached to boost your spirit!

A Little History

Chicago Theater is one of the seven photos to boost your spirit

I love this quote and as soon as I saw it I knew it belonged with this photo.  I recently had an opportunity to tour the Chicago Theater and take photos of the beautiful foyer and famous staircase.  You can read all about it in More Behind the Scenes of the Out of Chicago Photo Conference.

A Spirit-Boosting Seagull

Seagull is one of seven photos that will boost your spirit

Most people are not so crazy about seagulls, especially if you live near a beach town where they seem to be everywhere.  I can’t quite get enough of these birds, which my husband affectionally calls “sky rats.”  They are always willing to share my dinner when I’m at the beach and always willing to pose for a cool photo op!

The Great Horned Owl

An owl is one of seven photos to boost your spirit

This gorgeous Great-Horned Owl posed for me at a local sanctuary for wildlife that needs rehab.  If you’re in Holland, check out the Outdoor Discovery Center.  They only keep the animals that cannot be returned safely to the wild.  This owl has been there for years and is always willing to patiently pose for photo moments.  She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?

If you still aren’t sure about a trip to Holland, then you definitely need these Seven Reasons You MUST Visit Holland, Mi During Tulip Time.

Stillness Boosts the Spirit

A seagull on a ledge, one of seven photos to boost your spirit

Summer for my family means lots of time on our local lake, starting with a cruise around Lake Macatawa.  Next to the lake is a scrap management company called Padnos.  It is a perfect location for the seagulls to land amid the giant rock piles and along the cement barriers that sit along the edge of the water.  Frequently they are flying in large groups above the scrapyard, but I love it when I see just one being still.

Man-made Inspiration

Fireworks is one of seven photos to boost your spirit

Nature is certainly inspiring, isn’t it?  Some of our man-made attractions can inspire as well.  This photo was taken at our annual Independence Day festival near my home.  The fireworks we enjoy on July 4 remind us of the birth of our nation, and with that freedom.  This quote is a perfect fit for this image, don’t you think?

If you are interested in more information about fireworks and their history in our American culture, check out THIS ARTICLE from US News & World Report.

Winter Can Boost Spirits, too!

Big Red in a Snowstorm is one of seven photos to boost your spirit

If you have been following my work, you have seen some beautiful shots of Big Red, our local lighthouse.  There is not a season yet that she hasn’t dazzled me!  Rain, snow, ice, you name it…  She can always boost my spirit!

Seven Photos to Inspire…

Big Red on a winter walk is one of seven photos to boost your spirit

One final shot of Big Red, just because I can’t get enough of her.  If you can’t either, be sure and take a look at Seven Beautiful Portraits of Big Red Lighthouse That Will Inspire You.

 If you’re in the mood for the more Spirit Boosting quotes, then take a peek at Seven Inspirational Quotes.

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