Practice Good Holiday Self Care by using a Self-Care Planner During the Holidays

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The holiday season is here, which means it can be difficult sometimes to find time for yourself. Remember that it is just as important for you to take care of yourself as it is to care for everyone else and all of their needs. Self-care isn’t just for women who have extra time on their hands! EVERYONE should make time for it! Here are some relaxing self-care rituals, including how to use a daily self care planner to help incorporate more self-care into your daily routine without spending a lot of time away from your family this holiday season.

The Great Big List of Christmas Prompts for Your Christmas Photo Shoots

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Christmas comes every year, and with it comes the fantastic opportunity for Christmas Photo Shoots.  Whether you’re a photographer taking clients or you’re shooting your own family or friends for your scrapbook, you’re probably looking for some Christmas card photo ideas.  You will love this great Christmas prompt list for your Christmas Shoot!

A Christmas Story Home, A Major Award, and an Official Red Ryder BB Gun

Ad image showing the Christmas Story home from the front

My adult daughter Lexi and I took a girls’ vacation to Cleveland, Ohio.  One of our favorite stops on the trip was the Christmas Story House (which is really more of a Christmas Story home, if we’re being honest), where the classic movie, A Christmas Story, was filmed. We had so much fun learning about a Christmas Story bb gun and the Leg Lamp in a Christmas story (it’s a major award, ya know).

Stressed? How to Practice a Mindful Attitude During the Holidays

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Practicing a mindful attitude during the holidays can reduce stress.  Begin journaling mindfulness and these other techniques to reduce stress. But first, know that you are not alone if you find your stress level rising as autumn settles in and the holiday season looms large?  A 2015 survey by Healthline found that almost two-thirds of people report that their stress level increased throughout the holiday season.  I found it particularly interesting that even more women than men reported higher stress during the holiday season.  What’s the difference?  Could it be because we get carried away with trying to pull off the “perfect” holiday each year?