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10 Super Simple Photography Prompts for Families

Use these 10 Super Simple Photography Prompts for families the next time you are shooting family photos. Whether you are a hobby photographer shooting your best friend’s family or a professional who takes clients, you need to know how to get people feeling comfortable when you’re about to photograph them! Getting people to smile and look like they are having a great time can be difficult when you’re posing them into awkward positions and strange angles.

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How To Capture Family Photos the Easy Way

This is really so simple!  Make sure the family you’re shooting is having a great time.  Many parents are feeling pretty stressed by the time they have gotten everyone all spiffed up for their photo session.  I like to tell my clients in advance that once they arrive at the shoot, their work is done and the rest is up to me.  At this point, their job is to simply relax and follow a few basic instructions.

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The Photographers Guide to Taking Pictures on Train Tracks

Train tracks are awesome for photos, aren’t they!? The mystery of the track and where it leads, the wide-open space that goes forever, and all those leading lines… Who can resist the allure of a set of railroad tracks when shooting portraits?

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How to Dress Your Family for Timeless Photos

Wondering what your family should wear for portrait day? Great tips on how to dress everyone for your family portrait session!

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