The Best Seven Restaurants in Holland Michigan, Guaranteed

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Are you planning a trip to Holland, Michigan? Or are you new in town and need to find a great place to eat? We have some of the very best places to eat in Holland, Michigan! My husband and I love to eat out. We’re kind of pros at it, it seems. Since we love our hometown and love to have visitors, I would like to share you with our seven favorite places to find something to eat around town!

The 7 Best Tips for Photographing Holland’s Flowering Tulips

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If you aren’t lucky enough to live here in Holland, you can easily find tulips at your local nursery or check your nearby parks and gardens. You can even plant them in your backyard garden. Hop online to Veldheer Tulip Gardens and order some tulip bulbs and flower bulbs for your hardiness zone. Get them planted in the fall, and by mid-spring, you will be able to enjoy your very own flowered tulips!

The Top 5 Most Amazing Holland Michigan Beaches

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Whether you are a resident of Holland or one of its neighboring towns, you’ll want to know where the best beaches in Holland, Michigan, are located! Holland sits right on the shore of Lake Michigan, the third largest of the five Great Lakes. The West Michigan area of Lake Michigan’s coast boasts some of the most popular access points to the stunning and unsalted Lake Michigan. If you’re looking for something bustling with activity or off the beaten path, then I have some suggestions for you to check out!