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Dude on a quad showing action with panning

How to Shoot an Amazing Action Shot Using Panning

How do you go about capturing fast action when you’re shooting? Do you typically try to freeze action with your camera? Me, too… that is, until I discovered a technique called PANNING. Panning is the act of moving your camera at the same speed of a moving object in order to freeze the subject while showing intense movement in the background. It will take practice, but that along with a couple simple shifts of your settings and you can make it happen.

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Camera sensor exposed with post title

Crop Sensor vs Full-Frame: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard the terms “crop sensor” or “full-frame”?  Are you feeling a little in the dark about what they mean?

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Ad Image for That Shot

How Did I Get That Shot?

Every now and then I see an amazing photo and wonder what the photographer was thinking when she captured the image. “How’d She Get That Shot?”

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wooden boardwalk leading to infinity demonstrating leading lines

How to Rock Your Photos with Leading Lines

, you may already be rocking leading lines without even trying! For some artists, using these lines is intuitive. But no worries – you can easily learn how to use them in your photography.

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Ad image for What a Lens Hood Does and Why You Need One post

What A Lens Hood Does and 3 Reasons Why You Need One

Here are three reasons you’ll want to pull that hood out of storage and put it to use! Don’t worry if you can’t locate yours. We’ve got lots of solutions here for that! And some of them are FREE!!! But first…

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