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6 Things You Need to Know if You Are a New Photographer

I was a grown mama with 5 kiddos that I decided to take the next step and actually learn how to take “real” photos with a “real” camera. Here are the top 5 things that I wish I knew when I started as a new photographer!

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The Ultimate Guide to Photographing Big Groups of People

So, you’ve been asked to take pictures of a great big group of people? Don’t panic! You can do this, and it’s not nearly as tough as you think! Here are a few quick tips to keep order and get your most excellent ever group shot!

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Photography Facts – The 5 Things You Need-to-Know about Aperture

What the heck is Aperture? When you begin learning photography, there are so many terms to learn. “Aperture” is just one of the many bits of jargon to sift through.

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An Adventure in Lighthouse Photography

Don’t be afraid to get wet. I was wading up to my butt in the lake and I had never done that before.

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