10 Super Simple Unposed Photography Prompts for Families

Two kids kissing mom on the cheek in the AD image for unposed photography prompts

Use these 10 Super Simple unposed photography prompts for families the next time you are shooting family photos. Whether you are a hobby photographer shooting your best friend’s family or a professional who takes clients, you need to know how to get people feeling comfortable when you’re about to photograph them! Getting people to smile and look like they are having a great time can be difficult when you’re posing them into awkward positions and strange angles.

Use These 11 Fun Group Poses for the Best Prompted Group Photos

AD image with a group of people in a photo showing the title 11 fun group poses for best prompted group photos

Every photographer gets an opportunity (or the challenge) of shooting a big group of people. Let’s be honest; it can be intimidating to find group poses for a big group of people looking your way and waiting for direction. Try using Photography Prompts for groups to help your clients focus on having fun and interacting with one another.

The Great Big List of Christmas Prompts for Your Christmas Photo Shoots

AD image of kids hands holding cups of hot cocoa shown from above in a Christmas photo shoot

Christmas comes every year, and with it comes the fantastic opportunity for Christmas Photo Shoots.  Whether you’re a photographer taking clients or you’re shooting your own family or friends for your scrapbook, you’re probably looking for some Christmas card photo ideas.  You will love this great Christmas prompt list for your Christmas Shoot!