Don’t Forget to Take these 5 Happy Thanksgiving Family Pictures This Year!

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Every year, a day or two after Thanksgiving, after we’ve served the food, entertained the family, hugged and kissed the kids and grandkids, and eaten all of the leftovers, I have a moment of sadness. I look back and take note that I didn’t get enough Thanksgiving family pictures. I sure do love happy thanksgiving family images. Every year I wish I had taken more.

The Best Apple Crisp Recipe without Oats – a Simple Classic from Grandma’s Kitchen

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no one makes delicious apple crisp like my grandma did.  My grandma passed when I was only 13, so I can only imagine how much I loved her homemade apple crisp when I was little.  I wish I had stronger memories of making it with her, but since I don’t, I can look forward to passing grandma’s apple crisp recipe along to my grandkids.  Her old fashioned apple crisp recipe is so simple and easy with only five ingredients.  And even better, I get to use some of my favorite kitchen tools!